A Year of Success with Smart Commute: Carpool Zone service helps take cars off the road

Toronto, Canada – Launched just one year ago, Smart Commute’s Carpool Zone service is demonstrating real results in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton.

“We’re pleased to announce progress is being made to take cars off the road”, said Ryan Lanyon, Project Director for Smart Commute. “People are changing their commuting habits, and this is having positive impacts on traffic congestion and our environment.”

In the last 12 months, an estimated 100 cars were taken off the road per day, and 300 tonnes of greenhouse gases were eliminated by the Carpool Zone. There are now over 3,400 current users and 220 current carpools in the system, and in the last two weeks, more than 15 new carpools were formed.

“Cost-effective options which are also environment-friendly are attractive to commuters”, said Lanyon. “People are interested in this service and it is working for them. Our users are requesting we expand marketing efforts to encourage more people to get involved and to form even more carpools.”

Transport Canada has committed $2.5 million to Smart Commute under its Urban Transportation Showcase Program. The program helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation in Canadian cities.  “I congratulate the Smart Commute Association on this achievement and am pleased to be part of this project that is helping to reduce both air pollution and greenhouse gases to protect the health of Canadians and the environment,” said Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, Lawrence Cannon.

Technologically sophisticated and adaptable, the Carpool Zone continues to innovate. Users decide how flexible they are in distance, driving times, and more. Google maps are used to display location, route and match information. Intelligent route-based matching was added recently – allowing the entire route driven to be considered. Matches part-way, route comparison and customization is possible.

To find your carpool match, check out www.carpoolzone.ca. Registration is free to the public and in five easy steps you too can find someone to carpool with.

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For more information, please contact:
Hamal Docter
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Smart Commute

About Smart Commute
The Smart Commute Association is collaboration between the cities and regions of the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton, with financial support from Transport Canada. We’re here to reduce traffic congestion and to take action on climate change through transportation efficiency.


About Smart Commute
Commuter benefits program for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

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