available NOW in French and Chinese: Choose Your Way in the language of your choice and start carpooling today!

Toronto, Canada – Smart Commute announced today that its flagship service, the Carpool Zone, is now live in French and Chinese, further expanding its reach within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Hamilton.

We’re proud to be able to offer the Carpool Zone in French and Chinese for commuters in the GTA and Hamilton”, said Ryan Lanyon, Project Director for the Smart Commute Association. “We hope to continue to expand the reach of the service to meet the needs of commuters throughout the region.”

The 2001 Census data demonstrates that, while both of Canada’s official languages are spoken throughout the country, Chinese has affirmed its place as the third most common language in Canada. This is particularly pronounced in urban centres. Even more languages may be added in the future.

Commuters can register in just five easy steps at in English, French and simplified Chinese text, and are even able to make carpool matches based on their language preference. The more users registered in the system, the easier it will be to find people to carpool with, no matter what language they used at their computer terminal.

Smart Commute – Choose Your Way. To learn about your options, visit

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For more information, please contact:
Hamal Docter
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Smart Commute

About Smart Commute

The Smart Commute Association is a collaboration between the cities and regions of the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton, with financial support from Transport Canada. We’re here to reduce traffic congestion and to take action on climate change through transportation efficiency.

Backgrounder – Carpool Zone

Carpool Zone

The Carpool Zone is an online, automated commuter matching service that serves the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton. Available on or, the system helps take cars off the road by making it easier to carpool.

History and Technology

Launched on November 24, 2005, the Carpool Zone uses precise technology to match up commuters as close to their home and work address as possible.

  • Search options let users decide how flexible they are in distance, driving times, and other preferences.
  • Google maps are used to display locations, route and match information.
  • Intelligent route-matching was recently added, greatly improving the number of possible carpool matches. Route-based matching considers the entire route a commuter actually drives, allowing matches with commuters who can be picked up part-way.
  • Routes can be customized and comparisons between one individual’s route and those of multiple matching commuters are possible. Drivers can also compare their route with other drivers’ routes in the same match listing. The system provides extremely high-quality matches.

Technologically sophisticated and flexible, Carpool Zone provides more options than ever to drivers and commuters, taking carpooling to the next level.

Project Achievements (after one year):

  • Over 100 cars eliminated from the road per day (estimate).
  • Over 300 tons of greenhouse gases eliminated (estimate).
  • Over 3600 current users; over 5000 users historically.
  • Over 230 current carpools; over 400 carpools historically.

User satisfaction survey results indicate:

  • 88% are satisfied with the service (60% rated the service as excellent or very good).
  • 85% said they would recommend Carpool Zone to their friends and colleagues.
  • 44% are interested in carpooling to save money and 27% to improve the environment.

About Smart Commute
Commuter benefits program for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

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