A Smart Way to Reduce Smog: Carpooling helps keep our air clean and saves you money.

Toronto, Canada – Smog season is back, and it’s a great time to think about choosing a greener, cleaner way of getting to work.  Carpooling is a smart way to get where you’re going, and it’s especially important when our air quality in under alert.

To find someone to carpool with, check out the Carpool Zone at www.carpoolzone.ca.  In just five easy steps, you can share a ride and improve the air – and also save some money!  With gas prices at over a dollar per litre, carpooling is not only good for the environment, it’s great for your wallet, too.

“Who wouldn’t want to pay 50 cents a litre for gas?” asks Ryan Lanyon, project director of the Smart Commute Association.  “Anybody who carpools can save that much – or more!  All while cutting the amount of smog they produce in half.  It’s a win for commuters and a win for our air.”

There are currently more than 5,000 users registered in the Carpool Zone who are looking to share a ride to work or school.  The website is available to commuters right across the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton in English, French and simplified Chinese.  Since its launch in November 2005, the Carpool Zone has helped to reduce air pollution by more than 3,000 kg.

The Carpool Zone is an online, automated commuter matching service provided by Smart Commute at www.carpoolzone.ca.  Smart Commute is a partnership of the cities and regions of the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton to tackle traffic congestion, climate change and air pollution through walking, cycling, public transit, telework and carpooling.

Choose Your Way. For more information about Smart Commute visit www.smartcommute.ca.

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For more information, please contact:
Ryan Lanyon
Project Director
Smart Commute Association


About Smart Commute
Commuter benefits program for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

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