Smart Commute staff win Durham Region 2008 Service Excellence Award

Regional Municipality of Durham

2008 Award of Excellence Recipients
Mike Bogle, Dave Brittain, Barb Graham, Don Hindy, Jim Marsh, Mylan McErlean, Frank Mezzapelli, Brenda Reid – Social Services
Rick Spratley – Works

For excellent service to residents in response to emergency flooding at a housing complex.

Susan Cosburn, Bernice Richard
Finance – Print Shop

For ‘above and beyond’ service to internal customers performing their print shop duties

Kristyn Chambers – Economic Development & Tourism

For service excellence as Tourism Coordinator for the Gates Open/Savour Durham tour.

Bev Armstrong
Finance – Purchasing

For excellent service and support provided to the Region’s Purchasing section and other Regional departments.

Dwayne Campbell, Chris Leitch, James Booth, Chris MacDonald – Planning
Lara Perroni, Lynda McCallum – CIS

For exceeding expectations in the successful development and implementation of our new subdivision tracking software.

Tony Francis

For outstanding performance in the implementation of the GFI farebox system upgrade.

Colleen Goodchild, Sandra McEleney – Planning
Jennifer Dressing, Anthony Dipietro, Lori Iltgen – Health

Bunny Lockett – Works
Susan Dickison – Transit

For delivery of our successful corporate-wide Canadian Environment Week event.

Wayne Madden, Penny Nelson, Claire Peterson, Sean Bailey, Paul Nolan
Social Services

For improving the quality of life for Hillsdale Estates residents through initiative and creativity.

Sonya Dewdney
Finance – Water Billing

For ‘above and beyond’ work that demonstrates professionalism while exceeding customer expectations.

Joe Arruda
Finance – FIMS

For service excellence in providing outstanding technical service to ensure customer satisfaction

Julie Rowett, Shirley Connelly
Social Services

For successful implementation of the Resident Assessment Instrument – Minimum Data Processor program.

Michelle Stevenson

For above and beyond management and service to staff and customers.

Leanne Ashbridge
Social Services

For consistently modeling and demonstrating leadership within the Income Support division

Matthew Gaskell

For outstanding leadership as the Region’s 2008 Special Olympics Committee representative.

Joel Nicholson
Finance – POA

For outstanding leadership within POA Collections and the development of the inter-municipal Collection Services Agreement

Jamie Gillespie

For innovative development of programs and systems that have significantly increased service to clients and staff

Sean Chambers, Nancy Muzar
Finance – FIMS

For innovative development and implementation of the ELM ‘Express Interest’ menu option

Laura Gertsen, Sendi Struna, Jessica Eng, Toni Moran, Stephanie Lee, Glendene Collins, Shelley Chamberlain, Donna Davis, Henry Chong, Allan Stiver – Health

For development and implementation of the ‘Dine Safe’ public food safety inspection disclosure program

Jim Elliott, Brian Ervine, Dan Blakely, Tom Sutherland, Tim Desjardins, Karel Laarakkers, Robert Hyland, Dave J. Roberts, Ken Jackson, Dan McGregor, Yvonne Tindall, Leigh Bevis – Works

For innovative development of the Maintenance Operations Skill Development program

The Commitment to Excel (C2E) Awards of Excellence is the Region’s annual peer-to-peer recognition program that helps to drive excellence by celebrating achievement in the areas of Innovation, Service Excellence and Leadership. Guided by our corporate mission and vision, the program focuses on the Region’s core values and operating principles to drive excellence.



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