Just how easy is it to find someone to carpool with?

Everyone wants to save money, so sharing a ride and splitting the cost of gas seems like a great place to start. But how do you find someone to carpool with?

Dan, who lives in North York and works at the Rogers Communications corporate office in Brampton, used the Carpool Zone website to locate and connect with a neighbour who works for the same company. They commute together whenever their schedules permit. “Without the Carpool Zone website,” he says, “I doubt that I would have made this valuable connection.”

The web-based Carpool Zone system, which is free to use, matches up commuters by their origin and destination as well as by the route they travel along, so that additional people can be picked up along the way.

Carpool Zone protects users’ privacy; other users will never see your name or address.  Also, your e-mail address is only exchanged with commuters that you select, by sending or accepting ride-share suggestions.  If you receive an e-mail through the website from someone who wants to carpool, it’s up to you to respond to determine compatibility.

Why not give it a try during Carpool Week (Feb. 7 – 11)?


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