The joy of carpooling

The joy of carpooling

Driving to work can be stressful and tiring, especially in winter. If public transit is not a viable option, the best alternative may be to share the pain with another driver! Many Carpool Zone users have made lasting friendships through carpooling together, and enjoy multiple benefits of spending less time behind the wheel!

Claudia and Sue share the drive between Burlington and Markham every day, which is about 200 km round trip, and Claudia says it has changed her life. “Not only can we take advantage of the HOV lanes,” she says, “we’re also saving a fortune on gas and having fun to boot! While you give up a bit of personal freedom, you quickly adjust because the benefits so outweigh the loss of freedom.”

Claudia is convinced that if people realized how easy it is to set up a workable system, more of them would carpool. And the web-based system,, makes it safe and easy to find a match. All you need to do to get started is enter the specifics of your commute: origin, destination, days per week, departure and arrival times, and whether you’re a driver or a passenger. Then sit back and wait to see whether there is someone with similar requirements already registered in the system.

The more people that are registered, the better the chances are that everyone will find someone who has the same or similar route to/from work.

Give it a try during Carpool Week – February 7 – 11, 2011.


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