Metrolinx President & CEO Bruce McCuaig on Bike to Work Day

Do you regularly bike to the GO station to catch your train to work?

I made sure to cycle for Bike to Work Daybut I usually walk to the station.

Bruce McCuaig arrives at Clarkson GO Station on Bike to Work Day

What are the key benefits you gain from your trip to the station?

Sometimes it’s the only exercise I get on weekdays, and it’s a great way to unwind. It also feels good to know that I have contributed to cleaner air by leaving my car in the garage.

The entire GO bus fleet is equipped with bike racks (accommodating two bikes each). Was this done in anticipation of or in response to customer demand?

We realize that our customers represent all walks of life, and we want to encourage alternative modes of transportation that extend the GO experience (for trips to and from the station). Cycling is something that appeals to a wide range of people, and it makes good sense to offer the means by which people can easily combine cycling and transit into their lifestyle. We want to give people opportunity to connect cycling and transit – what better way than to give them easy access to a way to transport their bikes?

What advice do you have for anyone biking to work or to the GO station?

Be prepared for the weather conditions! Also, if it’s your first time, I suggest doing a trial run beforehand, so that you fine-tune the route, know exactly where the bike racks are and know the time you’ll require. You don’t want to miss the train!


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Commuter benefits program for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

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